Hi I’m Scott, the owner and creator of Dolphin & Dog. I want to share with you my story of how Dolphin and Dog came to be and where Id like to see it heading. The idea behind Dolphin & Dog merely started out as a person fed up with working the 9-5 and wanting more than the mundane wakeup go to work, eat some food, go to bed and repeat cycle.

I have never felt comfortable with a monotonous routine that offers little in return and have always looked for ways to escape it. I have forever been self teaching myself different skills throughout my life in the search of something better. Mainly in the creative space, photography, design, illustration, textiles, painting and arts in general. I have completed several courses on how to run a business online and not forgetting 1000’s of hours of Youtube and listening to pod casts.

So one day I thought enough is enough I am going to put to use all these acquired skills and passions and make something great that I can be proud of and make a difference. So Dolphin & Dog was born.

I have a huge love for all animals in general but grew up with dogs in the family. So I set out to put my skills and my passion for dogs together to create a sustainable brand that I genuinely love and believe in.

From the out set I knew the brand had to be environmentally friendly and offer the best versions of products that were not just off the shelf that everyone was selling; products that I can truly be proud of and place my perfectionist stamp of approval onto. I want Dolphin & Dog to scream quality. I design everything myself and source the best materials and the best people to produce them. Currently this takes about 10 months per product so it can be a little slow getting to market but the end result is worth the wait and for you as the customer to see the thought and hard work that has gone into every product.

I built a hard rule into the brand and that was that it had to be completely plastic free when it comes to packaging. The plastic pollution issue the world is facing at the moment is something close to my heart and I didn’t want to be adding to that with my own single use plastics. I have designed all packaging to be non-plastic and look to make all future products with this ethos in mind.

But that wasn’t enough just to be neutral so I have teamed up with Landcare Australia and 15Trees. Every sale that is made on the site will go towards planting trees in Australia, allowing Dolphin & Dog to move towards being a carbon positive brand. The next step is to find an ocean charity that the brand can team up with and start making a difference to the problem we face today with plastic pollution and our oceans. This is the real driver of the business and not just a guy looking for a better source of income but knowing that I might actually be able to make a difference in the world, if I work hard enough of course. So the more that Dolphin & Dog succeeds the more help I promise to the oceans and the environment we all live in. See my blog for future updates on this or Sign up to the newsletter below for updates.

Of course customer care and satisfaction has to be a priority. So to differentiate myself from the rest, my ideas of art and design will sculpture all my products to give you; my customers the chance to own something special rather than just simple everyday objects. I look forward to pursuing this endeavour and seeing where it leads and your reactions to the products.

I personally read every review and reply to all customer reviews and feedback. The best feeling of creating these products is hearing back from you and your experiences with them, letting me know that I am on the right track. So please write to me any time.

I hope that paints a picture of the brand and the story so far. Lots of work to do and always more to learn.


Dolphin & Dog


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