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good value

We used these towels for our 2 cats after giving them a bath. Worked good for getting them dry

Work SO well

Nothing dries my perpetually wet dogs faster than these. I love how absorbent they are as well as the large size that helps to get every inch of the dog dry. They wash well also.

Very nice

Wow, these are so nice I might start using them on myself. They are super soft and seem to dry fast, good size too.

A lovely present for my Puppies

Well designed Towels


A lovely present for my Puppies

Well designed Towels

doggo approved

These are great towels for pets or kids. The corner pocket-thingies means that you can tuck your hands into them and not drop the towel when you?re drying off your favorite canine. The towels are thick and they did a good job of soaking up the water. They also washed really well and remained color-fast. I do recommend.

Best dog wash towels ever!

Super soft, easy to dry puppy after a bath, love being able to put my hands into the pockets of the towels.They are so super absorbent and pretty cute!

Soft and absorbant

These are great towels to use for when I give my dogs a bath. I have small dogs, 17-21 lbs. I can use 1 towel for 2 dogs. They are plenty absorbant and soft. They launder well and haven't shrunk.I love that this is a 2 pack as I always have a towel ready in case one of my dogs decides to roll in something unpleasant.


These are fun. They are nice and fluffy. Fit hands like a glove. Dog really likes being dried with them when she comes in from the rain. Good gift for a dog lover.

Great for many uses for our doggies

The Dog Towel - Super Absorbent Large Dolphin & Dog - Dog Towel Set .These are large enough to wrap our doggies completely, because they are a Small Breed. These Towels are fluffy and soft and come in handy for after baths and they love them so much, yes sleeping in their doggie beds. Definitely recommended as the quality is great!

Super absorbent, convenient and great quality

There is nothing I dislike about this towel. Perfect in every way. I keep it by the door and wipe dog down as soon as he comes back inside so he doesn?t track water from fur and muddy paws all through the house.

My two bitty dogs are happy!

Well, maybe not many dogs really love a bath, right? But thankful for these doggie towels! These are made for much bigger dogs than my bitty girls, but hey, they can be wrapped up well and get dried off faster. At least now I have a pair of towels that are made specifically for my four-footed, waggy-tailed housemates. Worth it for me and my house - maybe for yours as well.

Dries really well

These dog towels are pretty great. They?re very absorbent and I love the pockets on both sides that make it super easy to dry my dog. I actually use one in my car for when I go to the car wash. It never dries all the way. Works great for that as well

Awesome awesome awesome!

I love the presentation/packaging of this Dolphin & Dog towels. The packaging is so cute and thoughtful packed. The towels are very soft, big enough for my 80lbs dog. I use both towels when I give a bath to my dog. So far the towels absorb water quickly, efficiently. I would be very happy if someone gifted this to me. Overall, I am happy with the towels. They are great!

So cute!!

This gift set is precious! Not only the box is super cute and well made, but the towels are great! Very soft and they dry my dogs very good. They even have those like hand pockets so you can better grab it.I have 2 little dogs so these towels are huge for them, but I like it! I can roll them in! Perfect for larger dogs.The colors are beautiful.I have it for my dogs, but it will be great as a gift. It looks very luxurious. And the presentation is amazing.Recommended.

Perfect for long-haired dogs

This is such a brilliant idea! I just purchased my first home, with a yard, so cleaning up the dogs after playtime is a real pain. I have two Australian shepherds and a border lots of long fur to soak up water. I keep these hanging by my back door and it's a piece of cake to wipe them down. They are SUPER absorbent and I can get my long-haired dogs reasonably dry in a very short time. The hand pockets really help as well. Just all-around awesome!!

Adorable Set

Love the box & packaging. I know that's not the reason to purchase, but the print is adorable & I'd love to see that print on a towel or other pet items and the box can be reused for other uses. ;) The towels are very soft and absorbent. The Ocean stroll collection includes a lovely teal towel and a light gray. The towels are large and have a flap with the embroidered Dolphin & Dog text. I'm not sure that the flap on the ends are needed though (not sure what it's for?). I washed both of the towels together and no problems with colors bleeding and they washed up nice. It's an adorable set for any dog lover!

Perfect for drying wet doggies

These work so much better than regular towels for dogs! I never realized that there is much more absorbent material for absorbing water than standard cotton towels, but I found that microfiber hair wraps are great for fast drying people hair right out of the shower, and these are equally better for wet doggies! Just run these through the washer and dryer immediately after puppy baths and they come out perfectly soft, absorbent, and ready for next puppy bath!

Very Nice Luxury Towels for my Bernese Mtn dog

These luxury dog towels are definitely luxury! Very nice. This pair of towels (tan & light brown) are large which is great for my one year old Bernese Mtn dog presently at 75 lbs. She can reach up to 120 lbs so I need large bath towels. I love the super soft feel of them too. There's two head pouches, one at each end which is great when you're trying to get towels ready and it feels like you're wrestling alligators and they want to shake water everywhere. Ha! But true. I put these new towels in the washer first to remove the sizing that's placed on them. Also there was some loose clear interfacing where the thread embroidery was sewn. The towels washed nicely and feel so good. Now it's shower time. Great towels. Highly recommend.

Recommended item

I love this set and anyone with a dog will too. It's HIGHLY absorbent and I swear I smell less stinky wet dog smell when I'm drying Spike off. Wonderful item!This item is good quality and it is very much worth the purchase. It arrived in good condition and I have found no flaws with the product and I fully recommend it. Great purchase! 4 stars.*Thank you for taking the time to read my review and if it helped you make an informed decision either way about this product please let me know by taking a quick moment of your time to vote it Helpful so I can keep track of my most helpful reviews. I hope you have a wonderful shopping experience!*

Wonderful, Soft & Plush & Durable

Wow these are beautiful towels and they are beautifully packaged! These arrived in the cutest and nicest gift box! It is covered in colorful and adorable illustrations of little doggies and happy dolphins! I can't bring myself to throw it away it's so nice and will probably use it to store dog toys. This would make a wonderful gift for your favorite dog-lover!The towels were perfectly rolled up inside and presented so well. They are such good soft and plush towels, and very large, too. They are perfect for drying your dog off after a bath as they have two hand pockets on one end that make them easy to keep to keep a hold of. They are soft enough to use for bedding in your dog's crate or carrier. The embroidered logo is a nice and whimsical touch that adds just a little something extra that sets them apart aesthetically.My very energetic and playful 37 lb, 2 yea-old, english cocker loves to jump up and grab hold of the towels as a game, like tug of war, so I can attest to the fact that they are very durable! I can't believe that he hasn't ripped or torn one of them, as much as he has pulled and tugged on them! These are winners in my book and I expect that anyone would be more than pleased with this excellent set!

For the posh dog in your life...plush, absorbent, and quick drying.

So soft and absorbent. It has pockets on the ends to stick your hands in so the towel doesn?t slip or bunch like regular towels. Perfect size for my small dogs. This is definitely for just drying. When I give my little one a bath I like to wrap him afterwards so he doesn?t get cold because he?s scared of the dryer but these are too small for that. He does like to try to chew on the nubs of the towel.These towels are on the pricey side but they are great quality and I?m sure would feel nice being rubbed on them as opposed to scratchy old towels. Very posh. I gotta say though that these towels are amazingly absorbent and dry quickly too so they?re worth it.

Soft and absorbent. Great quality.

Nice quality material, super soft. It?s almost like a blanket material as opposed to a bath towel but it?s absorbent. It even has two pockets like you see on hooded towels so that you can put your hands in them to rub your dog dry. It?s big enough for large dogs but I used half on my little dog, folded it, and wrapped him with the dry side to keep him warm.The box is really cute and very giftable. It?s a little pricey for dog towels though but it?s one of those splurge items for your fur baby.

Super nice. A little pricier than I would expect.

They are uniquely designed, absorbent, and my little Corgi loves them, but these towels do seem a little pricey. The truth of the matter is that dogs can be dried with any big towel. These towels make it a little easier, since you can put each hand into a "pocket" of the towel, which allows you to quickly and easily rub your dog dry, but long before somebody dreamed up this towel, people were using regular towels designed for humans to dry their dogs.Other than price, I really have no complaints about these towels. They seem very well made, and they function really well. If they were a better value, I'd give them 5 starts, but at this price, I'm going to have to award 4 stars.

Great Quality

Great purchase. Super absorbent and soft