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To determine the correct size for your dog, you need to know your dog‛s Neck, Topline, and Chest and leg Measurements.

Then match your measurements to the size chart found on the product page, that corresponds best.

See Dog hoodie sizing chart here - SIZE CHART

Simply check the size chart provided on the product page. Heres a link to it here - Surf poncho size chart

If you dog is between sizes the best rule is to go with the larger size. Send me a message if you are not sure. message tab bottom right corner of your screen. I will answer as soon as i possibly can

Some of the longer short legged breeds can be a little harder to fit for. check the size chart and if still unsure, drop me a message.

Thats fine by me. But you will be responsible for the return postage cost. Just make sure the dog coat is in the same condition it arrived in and a refund will be sent for the returned item up to 30 days from delivery. RETURNS, REFUNDS & EXCHANGES

A bit cuddly is he. The dog coat has a highly adjustable belly strap so you'll be pretty safe with that. The dog hoodie you will need to keep an eye on the chest and neck measuments as these are not adjustable like the dog coat.


It is not necessary to wash before use but if you decide to, just follow the wash instructions on the label attached

Yes! You can wash the dog towels in the washing machine. However, we recommend hand washing to increase the lifespan of the towel, but you can always use a washing machine for convenience. No more than 140F/60C do not bleach and only tumble dry on a low heat.

After using the dog towels, you can dry them by hanging them up on a clothesline or rack, or by placing them in a dryer on a low heat setting. It's important to ensure that the dog towels are completely dry before storing them to prevent any musty odors or mold growth

To maintain the freshness and hygiene of your dog towel, we recommend washing it regularly by either hand washing or using a washing machine. Over time, the towel can accumulate odor and bacteria from prolonged use, so it's important to clean it to remove any unpleasant smells. By washing the towel periodically, you can prevent any persistent odors from developing and ensure that it stays fresh for longer. So, make sure to wash your dog towel regularly to keep it clean and smelling great.

Using the two side pockets of the dog towel, you can gain better control and keep your hands dry while drying your pet. Simply place your hands into the pockets and use the dog towel to effectively dry your furry friend.

With long microfiber chenille fibers, the towel is designed to effectively absorb water from your dog's fur, regardless of its length. These fibers work deep into your pet's coat, providing efficient and thorough drying.

The towel is made of polyester microfiber fabric.

Shipping & Delivery

Domestic shipping can take up to 6 business days. Express faster

International shipping could take up to 14 business days.


Embroidery takes roughly 2 days to complete and maybe longer at busy times. Please add to days to shipping times. If longer delays expected, I will contact you.

Shipping rates can vary depending on your region and are calculated at checkout.

Here are the full details of our Shipping Policy.

Yes, we offer free shipping for large domestic orders. Check the cart to see the current deal on free shipping..

Yes, we New Zealand and can arrange further international shipment if you enquire with us so that we can arrange and give you a quote.

Please note that free shipping is not applicable for international orders and that shipping rates could vary depending on your region.

I ship to all of Australia including Tasmania and New Zealand.

Please reach out to me if you require a shippment outside of New Zealand and Australia.

If you need to make changes or cancel an order, please send me an email promptly at Once an order has been dispatched, it cannot be cancelled or modified. If you wish to make changes or cancel your order after it has been dispatched, please refer to our refund/exchange policy.

We will notify you if a product is out of stock when you try to purchase it. In the event that we run out of stock for a product you have already purchased, you will have the option to either wait for the product to become available again or request a refund or exchange.


Warranty & Repair

All products are carefully subjected to quality control measures by my manufacturer and myself. I take great pride in the quality of our products, and as such, I offer a warranty that guarantees protection against any manufacturer defects. This warranty covers manufacturing, design, or material defects that may affect the performance of my products.

To be eligible for warranty coverage, you must notify me within 30 days of receiving the product. I encourage my customers to thoroughly inspect their products upon receipt and report any issues to me as soon as possible. I will be happy to assist you in resolving any defects covered by the warranty.

Thank you for choosing my brand. I am confident that you will be satisfied with the quality and performance of my products

No extended warrenty

Returns & Refunds

Yes, I offer full and partial refunds.

Please see the refund policy for more information - Refund policy

A refund request can be submitted within 30 DAYS after the purchase is made.

In the case when the product and packaging are unopened and undamaged, you are eligible for a full refund.

In the case when the packaging has been opened and the product has been used, you are eligible for a partial refund.

In the case when a product has been damaged, there will be no refund.

Please check my Refund Policy to see if you're eligible for a refund.

When an order is defective. The shipping costs will be covered by myself. Anything outside this you will need to cover the shipping costs.

All costs will need to be covered by you the customer. Please contact me if you need help with this - CONTACT ME

Payments & Safety

All direct payment gateways adhere to the standards set by PCI-DSS as managed by the PCI Security Standards Council, which is a joint effort of brands like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Yes, we accept online payments. All payment processing and vital customer information is quick, easy, and secure.

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We accept payments from major credit card companies like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express and Bitcoin

The Enviroment around us

"I am committed to designing eco-friendly packaging for all of my products, and strictly avoid using any plastic materials. Whenever possible, I seek out solutions to reduce the amount of plastic in my products, and aim to develop new solutions that eliminate plastic altogether. My ultimate goal is to close the loop on all of my products, and I believe that this can be achieved through the continued success of Dolphin & Dog. I am dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and am always exploring new ways to improve the sustainability of my products."

"I'm proud to say that I'm taking steps to help the environment by implementing a tree-planting initiative on my website. Every order made will go towards a tree being planted here in Australia, which can help to reduce my business carbon footprint while promoting reforestation efforts. I am currently on the search fro a marine projects to support. These initiatives are just the beginning of my commitment to promoting sustainability and a greener future for our planet."

"At the heart of Dolphin & Dog is the belief that alternate solutions can be thought of and designed if we make the effort to do so. My main goal is to build a brand that showcases the potential for sustainable design and production. As I continue to grow, I will be dedicated to expanding the range of products to offer both plastic-free and closed-loop solutions.

I recognize the impact that plastic waste has on the planet, and I am committed to being part of the solution. My focus on sustainable materials and design principles enables me to create products that are both functional and environmentally responsible. By providing consumers with a range of sustainable options in the future, I hope to encourage more widespread adoption of sustainable products and production methods.

As I continue to develop the product lines, i am always exploring new ways to reduce the environmental impact and improve the sustainability of the business. I believe that with a focus on sustainability and a commitment to innovation, I can build a brighter future for ourselves and the planet."

For me, the concept of tree planting revolves around offsetting the paper used for packaging and media, as an alternative to using plastic. This serves a dual purpose of reducing the amount of harmful plastic waste while also replenishing the trees used in paper production. By planting trees, we can take an important step towards creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. Additionally, the act of planting trees will contribute to Dolphin & Dog's efforts to become carbon neutral in the near future. Overall, tree planting is a simple yet effective solution that can have a significant positive impact on the environment and our planet.

Please see - Tree planting Australia

So i am currently on the search to find the perfect projects to pertner up with. Please hit me up if you have any ideas or know of a great cause. Watch this space. - Marine Projects

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