How to clean your dogs ears

Cleaning their ears

Ear cleaning is an important aspect of caring for your dog. Ear mites can be a common problem for dogs, as they live in the ears and feed on waxy secretions. This buildup can result in a black, dirty substance that can cause infection. Outer ear infections account for 90% of infections in dogs, making it the most common type of infection for a dog. 

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Dog ear cleaning supplies 

To make it easier to incorporate ear cleaning into your dog care routine, it's helpful to have the following supplies on hand and to keep them stocked up:

  1. Dog towels: Use a couple of dog towels to minimize mess when cleaning your dog's ears. Lay them on the floor and around your dog in case of head shaking.

  2. Ear cleaning supplies: You'll need cotton balls, tissue, and ear cleanser. Consult your vet to determine which ear cleanser is best for your dog. 

  3. Treats: Use your dog's favorite treats to create a positive experience during ear cleaning.

  4. Location: Choose a location, such as a bathroom with a door, where your dog can't run away.

  5. Leash: Use a leash to guide your dog to the designated location.

  6. Time: Make sure you're not in a hurry when you start cleaning your dog's ears. Take it slow and go at your dog's pace.

  7. Patience: Remember that it takes time to introduce new activities to your dog. Speak in a positive tone and be patient.

  8. Bin bag: Have a bin bag handy to dispose of any mess.

Ear Cleaning 

How to Clean Your Dog's Ears in Simple Steps:

  1. Prepare all the necessary supplies beforehand to start the ear cleaning process.

  2. Have some high-value treats ready to give to your dog as you begin touching and cleaning the ears.

  3. Start by touching your dog's ears gently, gradually increasing the time to 30 seconds if your dog is comfortable.

  4. Hold or flip your dog's ear over to expose the inside of the ear.

  5. Apply the ear cleanser by squirting it down your dog's ear.

  6. Massage the outside of the ear for 20-30 seconds to ensure the cleanser reaches the ear canal.

  7. If your dog has floppy ears, lift or flip the ear over, take a cotton ball, and wipe off the cleanser. Be gentle and avoid wiping too much if your dog is uncomfortable. You may see brown-colored earwax that needs to be wiped off.

  8. Repeat the same steps on the other ear and observe which ear has more earwax.

Ear Infection


You can spot an ear infection on your dog by looking for the following tell tale signs:

  • smelly ears
  • discharge
  • excessive head shaking
  • swelling
  • redness in the ears

Cleaning your dog's ears once a week will also help you notice if your dog is developing an ear infection and stop it from getting worse. The result will be clean ears and the avoidance of potential infection and earaches for your dog. Regular ear cleaning will also get your pet used to having their ears handled which will make it easier to administer treatment. If you have tried all of these, the infection is most likely more serious and its time to call the vet. It can be cleared up easily. Most often the dog will need some antibiotics to help clear the problem.

If your dog seems uncomfortable or is excessively scratching their ears it’s probably causing a great deal of distress. If your pet is scratching too hard this can even break blood vessels and cause swelling and bleeding. So stay on top of this.

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