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Dog Grooming - Bathing Your Dog

Keeping your dog clean is an important responsibility for every dog owner. Your dog depends on you for general hygiene for example; Clean ears, teeth and a coat free from fleas and ticks are all your responsibility and the conditions you check for a healthy pet. Bath time is a great time to bond with your dog as well as checking their well-being.


Healthy dogs don't actually need to be washed all that often, but humans prefer to bathe them so that they smell fresh and clean and not like...wet dog. Although most dogs don’t like to be washed, they will appreciate the contact and attention that they receive from their owners during a bath. It is also a good time to perform some other necessary “dog maintenance” such as cleaning the ears, checking for ticks and fleas, and brushing the teeth.


Since many dogs do not like to sit still for any of these activities, it can be a good idea to do them all at once.

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Does your dog have a shiny coat? A shiny coat on a dog means more than just looks and good dog grooming. Just like a shiny head of hair means good health for us humans, A shiny coat of fur on a dog means your dog is in good health. In fact, a nice, luscious coat of fur is one of the strongest indicators that your pooch is healthy.

How to Bathe Your Dog

When you bathe your dog, use a hose or a detachable shower head and wet them thoroughly. Afterwards, apply dog shampoo and work up a lather, starting from their chest to the top of his head, down his back and tail and then to their legs. Be careful not to get any shampoo in their eyes or ears.

Use a dog shampoo for your dog rather than your own shampoo. Shampoo for human hair only works on human hair; it is actually harsh and irritating to dog skin. Dog shampoo, on the other hand, is specifically formulated for dog grooming, designed to suit the sensitivity of the skin and fur of dogs. For an added sheen and softness to your dogs fur, a dog conditioner also works wonders. Rinse your dog thoroughly after shampooing and conditioning their fur.

Make sure that there is no leftover soap on your dog, or else the soap may cause some irritations. They might also end up licking at the leftover soap on his skin which sometimes may merit a vets attention and can make your doggo really quite ill.

Not forgetting the most important part of all bath times. Using your Dolphin & Dog drying towels to dry them off.

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After The Bath

So you are finished bathing your dog, Make sure you them thoroughly by patting all the excess water out of their fur using our very own Dolphin and Dog drying towel. If you do not dry your dog, Your dog will begin to start smelling of ‘wet dog’ and you will have to carry out the bathing process all over again.

Dog grooming does not end with bathing. To give your pooch the full dog grooming home-style treatment, you need to comb or brush his/her fur once it is completely dry. Brushing your dogs fur will remove the snags and tangles in it if your dog has long hair. Not only that, it will get rid of whatever burs, tick sand fleas are making their home in your dogs fur. Do this every day, even on days when you are not giving your dog a bath.

When brushing the pup, stroke the brush with and against the lie of the hair. This will help to loosen dead hair and stimulate the skin. Use a brush with the correct bristle length; short for medium- and short-haired dogs, long bristles for long-haired dogs. If you do any combing, use a fine comb for the short-haired dog and a comb with widely spaced teeth for the long-haired, medium haired and wire haired dogs.

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At a bit of a price, you can go ahead and give your dog some delicious pampering time at a dog grooming salon.

The professional grooming process generally takes an hour or two to accomplish, but the results are well worth the time spent. A typical dog grooming session consists of the following treatments for your dog:

  • A thorough bath including flea dip (if applicable)
  • A complete coat brushing to eliminate tangles and matted hair
  • Styling as requested (can include accessories such as bows, rhinestones and bandannas)
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning and examination for parasites
  • Teeth cleaning

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